Tuesday 26 November 2013

Customer Solar Install Review

5 Star Review from Customer in Luton

Mr McPhee was so please with his Solar panel installation he wrote us a nice review and recommended us to a relative near Wigan. Rob made us feel welcome while we were installing his system and even made us a nice ice cold jug of juice.

Since his installation was a while ago Rob has reported that he is really happy with the performance of the system. We managed to fit Rob a 4kw system using just 12 panels instead of the usual 16.

John - Jb Electrical 01623 332000                www.jb-electrical.co.uk

Friday 8 November 2013

4kw Benq Sun Forte system installed in Luton

3.840kw Solar Pv system installed Luton

12 x 320 watt solar pv panels !!!

This roof was too small to get 4kw with 16 or more panels. We managed to fit the 320 watt super powerful BenQ Sun Forte panels so we only needed 12 ! These were then connected in 2 strings of 6 to an Eltek Inverter.

For anyone with a smaller roof these panels maximise your production giving you more performance per square metre than most other panels on the market.

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Tuesday 29 October 2013

Solar Panel System installed in Rotherham

4kw Solar Pv system installed in Rotherham, Sheffield

4kw enphase micro inverter system

4kw Enphase Micro Inverter system in Rotherham

This customer is fighting back against the big 6 energy companies by producing their own electricity.
4kw worth of Solar PV panels are connected to 16 Enphase micro inverters which has individual panel monitoring and individual panel shade management. The Enphase Micro Inverters come with a twenty year guarantee as standard.

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Thursday 24 October 2013

1Kw Solar Panel system installed in Mansfield Woodhouse

4 x Ja Solar panels fitted in Mansfield Woodhouse Nottinghamshire

Solar Powered Power station

4 x 250 watt solar panels connected to 4 x enphase micro inverters.
This customer already had a 3kw solar panel system on their house but added another 
1Kw system to their garage roof to make their total upto 4kw.

The system can be monitored over the internet where it will show you how much power each 
individual panel is producing. This system should produce around 1,000 Kwh of electricity every year.

Jb Electrical                 01623 332000                 Solar Mansfield

Wednesday 9 October 2013

4kw Solar Panel system installed in Mansfield

16 x JA Solar Pv Panels

4kw Solar Panel System installed using 16 x JA Solar Pv panels connected to a Samil 3600tl inverter.

Jb electrical - 01623 332000 - http://www.electriciansmansfield.co.uk/

Monday 7 October 2013

4kw Solar panel system split facing South and West installed - Scunthorpe

4kw solar panel system installers - Scunthorpe

Installed next door to our last Scunthorpe installation

16 x Ja Solar Pv panels fitted over 2 roofs connected back to a SMA Sunnyboy 3600tl inverter
8 panels facing South and 8 Panels facing West.

Jb-electrical - http://www.electriciansmansfield.co.uk/ - 01623 332000

Enphase Solar PV Panel Array Of The Week Winner

Winner of the Enphase solar PV system array of the week 

Scunthorpe solar pv installers

The winning installation.

We are very proud at Jb electrical to have won this title and it goes to show what the hard work and commitment the whole team here at Jb electrical can achieve. 

Enphase are a world wide supplier of micro inverters and have years of experience in the solar pv market, they certainly know their stuff ! 

See our write up here http://ow.ly/pvBqo

Jb Electrical - 01623 332000 -  http://www.electriciansmansfield.co.uk/  

Thursday 29 August 2013

4kw solar panel system installed in Scunthorpe

4kw Scunthorpe solar panel installation 

jb electrical solar install

Enphase 4kw heavily shaded system performs well.

16 x JA-JAP60-250 Silver framed Solar Panels connected to 16 x Enphase M215 Micro Inverters located in loft. 

Jb electrical solar panel installers - 01623 332000

16 Panel solar Pv system installed in Eyam Sheffield

4kw Solar Panel system Eyam Sheffield

solar pv installation Sheffield

Solar Panel power !

16 x 250watt JA Pollycrystalline Solar Panels connected to a Samil 3600tl inverter.

Expertly installed by Jb electrical 01623 332000

4 Kw Solar Panel system split over East / West roofs Sheffield

4000watt system installed in Sheffield

Solar Panel System Sheffield installation

2kw Solar facing east and 2kw facing west

16 Panel 4kw system installed in Sheffield

4kw System comprising of 8 panels facing East and 8 panels facing West.
JA Solar 250w Polly crystalline panels connected to a SMA sunny boy 3600tl inverter.

Jb electrical 332000


4kw Solar PV installed in Edwinstowe Mansfield

16 x 250watt solar pv facing South.

Edwinstowe Solar

4kw Solar Pv 16 x 250w Solar Panels

4kw Solar pv facing South

We recently installed 16 x 250w JA Solar all black Mono crystalline panel in Edwinstowe Mansfield Nottinghamshire. These fed power to a Samil 4400tl solar inverter.

4kw Solar Panel system installed in Windsor Berkshire by Jb electrical 01623 332000

4kw Solar Pv system facing South

Solar panels installed in Windsor Uk by Jb electrical

4000 watts of solar generation on a roof in Windsor, berkshire

Let the sun see the Solar Panel installation - it was sunny in Windsor !

16 x JA Solar 250watt panels ( JAP60250 )facing South connected to a SMA 3600tl Sunny Boy Inverter. 
This Solar panel system was expertly installed by Jb electrical in Mansfield 01623 332000.

See Paul Judge's review of our installation Paul Judge Review - trustatrader

4kw Solar pv system powering home in Rainworth Mansfield

4kw Solar Pv Panel system split over 2 roofs

JA 250w mono Solar Panels

10 Solar Panels facing South and 6 facing west

1.5kw solar pv installed facing West

South & West

16 x 250watt JA Solar Panels all Black Mono crystalline.
10 Solar panels facing South (2.5kw) and 6 Solar panels facing West (1.5kw). All connected to Enphase M215 Micro Inverters with superior performance and  20 year warranty.

4kw Solar panel system report July 2013

See above this systems production report for July 2013 - 548 Units of Electricity !!!

Jb electrical are electricians and install across the uk call 01623 332000.

3 kw Solar pv installation Mansfield Woodhouse

3kw Micro Inverter system

M215 Enphase Micro Inverter mounted to rail

Solar Pv Installation Enphase

12 x 250w Ja Solar Panels Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire
12 x JA Solar 250w All Black Mono supplying DC power to 12 x Enphase M215 Micro inverters.
This system is South facing and has great levels of performance which has been set up to be monitored online
by simply clicking a link and typing in user name and password. 20 year inverter guarantee too !!!

Call Jb Electrical today 01623 332000

Solar Pv System installed in south Normanton Derbyshire

3 kw Solar Panel System installed over 2 roofs 

12 x 250w Phono Solar Panels

South Normanton, Derbyshire Solar Pv Installation
Enphase Micro Inverters - Solar Pv

Solar installed over 2 Slate Roofs

3kw Enphase Micro inverter Solar Panel system installed in South Normanton Derbyshire.
See this system working... 3kw Enphase system facing East & South each panels performance is individually managed and monitored.

Due to the fact the chimney was shading panels we convinced this customer to have Microinverters
and was possibly the best system design option for maximum system performance.
Enphase Micro inverters have a 20 year warranty instead of your usual 5 - 10 years like string inverters.

Solar Panel installers - Jb electrical - 01623 332000 - www.electriciansmansfield.co.uk

Solar install in Lincoln

                            16 Panels mounted in landscape

16 All black solar panels mounted in landscape

Lincoln Solar installation jb electrical

Solar Panel Installation in Lincoln 

16 x Phono Solar onyx 250 watt Monocristalline (4kw) connected to a 4kw Samil 4400Tl inverter.
Solar panel installation fitted around various objects on the roof by Jb electrical in Mansfield 01623 332000.

Solar Panel Installation

                                   Jb Electrical - Lincoln 

Sanyo / Panasonic HIT N240 235SE10
Panasonic Solar Pv

16 x 240w Solar panels

Installation of 16 x Panasonic HIT N240 235SE10 Solar Panels for one lucky customer
in Heighington Lincoln. These panels were connected to a SMA 3600Tl Sunny Boy Inverter and whilst testing we were getting very impressive results for how bad the light levels were that day.

Jb electrical - 01623 332000

http://www.electriciansmansfield.co.uk     http://www.SolarMansfield.co.uk

Wednesday 6 February 2013

4KW PV system installed in Kirkby in Ashfield

16 X JA mono panels fitted 2 row's of 8 with Samil 4000-TL inverter nice easy install completed in one day with all paper work for feed in tariff completed and in post. all info at www.jb-electrical.co.uk

4Kw Solar installed in forest town mansfield

The snow didn't stop us getting the system up and running 16 x JA all black panels across 3 roofs fitted with SMA sunny boy 3600TL. Thinking about solar panels or just want some info vist www.jb-electrical.co.uk

16 JA all black panels fitted in the snow

Worst weather of the year but that didn't stop our team fitting 16 JA all black panels in kirkby in ashfield