Monday 7 April 2014

4Kw Solar Panel System fitted in Mansfield

16 x 250 watt Solar Panels Facing South

4kw Solar panel system fitted in Mansfield, connected to enphase micro inverters - jb electrical 016233 332000

These customers decided they had enough and put their savings to better use. Solar Panels will make you
more money than interest on your savings account and at the same time reduce your electricity bill !!!

The back of this home faces directly south, there is a tall tree at the bottom of their garden which should only hinder performance in winter. Although shading is not a real issue on this job the customers have decided to have Enphase Micro Inverters instead of a traditional string inverter. These have a 20 year guarantee, they monitor each panels performance seperatly and can give upto 20% more performance in some circumstances.

As well as all those benefits you get monthly email performance reports and emails if any panels / inverters stop working.

Here is the last Enphase Solar Panel System update...

micro inverter system monthly performance report - jb electrical 01623 332000

 That's not bad to say we've not had good  weather and were not in Summer either !!!     -    Call our office  01623 332000