Tuesday 9 September 2014

Secure your home with CCTV

The dark and cold are coming !!!

Make sure your home is secure ready for winter with a cctv system

With the nights drawing in it makes a thief's life easier providing more cover, they can tell if your in just by looking for any lighting inside your home. 

So what can you do ? 

Firstly you should check any existing light fittings making sure the bulbs are ok and the fitting is operational. If not then think about your key areas that a burglar would use to creep around you home and get them illuminated.

After this you should really consider a discrete CCTV system. These systems are so advanced now you can set them to email you a picture of a perpetrator the moment they are picked up by a camera and you can view the cameras with your phone, tablet or pc.

CCTV acts as a great early warning system and deterrent after they see you've got one they will probably go elsewhere.  

See our CCTV page and make sure to click on the DVR specs to see great detail how these modern CCTV systems could transform your homes security.